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The #1 reason people fail to make money is lack of proper followup. The #2 reason is poor or nonexistent organization. You’re about to discover how to easily fix both plus enjoy an unfair advantage for yourself and your team and increase your productivity by over 447%. If you use the telephone or email to connect with prospects and clients this tool will revolutionize the way you engage with them and make you look like a marketing superstar. Plus I will show you how to get it FREE. This is the closest thing to being able to clone yourself and multiply your business / team building efforts on warp speed!

“I helped develop several well known, popular online marketing tools and platforms including this one. With over 30 years in the industry I’ve seen a lot in terms of automation and technology. Since 2009 I’ve been using the very best phone dialer there is when it comes to prospecting, follow up, scheduling, database and customer / client management etc. This tool is largely responsible in part for my success and being able to rake in millions of dollars in sales. I use it daily and so does every other smart marketer I know. If you want to dramatically increase your productivity while staying organized and save tons of time, this is a must have tool. It’s powerful, yet easy to use. It will make you a better marketer!”

Britt Phillips




Contact Manager AUTOMATION

This power dialer is also a powerful contact manager. You will easily be able to stay organized and follow up like a pro. Your prospects and clients will see you as a marketing superstar! All you need is your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone and an Internet connection and you’re good to go!


This power dialer is also a powerful automation machine that powers through time stealing tasks such as waiting for voicemail greetings and having to leave your message live. With this amazing tool you never have to listen to a greeting or leave a voicemail live again! It automates everything!


This power dialer is also a powerful automation machine that powers through time stealing tasks such as manually typing emails. With this phenomenal tool you will never have to manually type another prospecting or follow up email but one time and that’s to save it into the system!


This power dialer is also a powerful resource tracker. You will be able to send a document, image, video, audio, or link and know who accessed it and when. The creative ways you can use this feature will get you very excited. And it’s just one of many awesome features you will soon discover!

Working SMARTER = More Time-Freedom…


The impact and growth you will see from using this phenomenal tool will absolutely blow your mind and send your bottom line through the roof like never before. I am so passionate about this tool because I have seen firsthand what a huge difference it has made in my business and also for many who I have showed how to use it. The results are amazing as you will soon see once you call me to schedule a training session. Once you see this in action your confidence will soar because you will know you have the power at your fingertips to literally clone yourself!


6,000 people requested more information in 3 hours!!!! Tons of VMs and closed multiple sales. One $6500! People at dialer company never seen such results before!
Dan in Washington


This tool is so powerful. It does so many things. It sped up my response time, my follow-up time. Just the amount of time you spent answering questions. It really impressed me. Thank you very much Britt.
Andy in Sumter


I was doing voice broadcasting and thought I was doing it right. Turns out I was doing it backwards! Britt showed me the right way and in the first week I pulled in FOUR times the sales! Thank you Britt!
Abe in El Paso

Online Marketing

Britt showed me multiple ways to market my product online and offline for measured results. I reach more people. I follow up more efficiently. I close more sales. And I have more time freedom. Thanks Britt!
Stu in Detroit

Financial Advisor

Britt I want to thank you for taking the time to help me understand and properly use the tools. The things you showed me have made a big difference for me and the people in my group. Thanks a million!
Beth in Phoenix

Team Builder

I was frustrated. What I was doing wasn’t working. After spending two hours with Britt and the things he showed me, I am excited again about my business! Britt you rock!
Jordan in Portland


Britt showed me how to automate much of what was taking me many hours each day to do. I am making MORE money and I now have my life back which includes spending quality time with my family again!
Krista in Farmington

Life Coach

Britt you really opened my eyes. I had no idea these tools were even out there. Thanks for showing me how to use them to put my business building efforts on steroids! I feel like a just bought a new corvette!
Marc in Spring City

Affiliate Marketer


“3 times the number of calls per hour”

“I’m able to make around 3 times the number of calls per hour with this tool!

And since I never have to leave a live message anymore, I convey more enthusiasm when I reach someone live… I save my ‘live’ voice for them!”

Zal F.

“Before this tool, this would have taken me days”

“Just this morning, I completed over 100 calls in about an hour and a half. I’m amazed at how much faster my calling goes! Before this tool, this would have taken me days – if not weeks – to complete.

This is a “must-have” for anyone serious about building their business!”

Jason P.

“An awesome system”

“This tool is an awesome system that I use to call my realtor list quickly. It allows me to leave a message if no one answers, saving me a lot of time!”

Deborah D.

Mortgage Agent

“A perfect marketing tool”

“The fact that this tool dials each number for me would be enough in itself for me to recommend it. But, there is so much more, like being able to record a message in my voice that I can use automatically every time I reach an answering machine and sending an email with every dial. Talk about saving time! Big wow! I also like that I can schedule follow-up calls in the calendar feature. It’s simple to upload leads and scrub duplicates. The price is right and I find it to be a ‘perfect marketing tool.’”

Mike G.


“A big increase in my marketing site activity, call-backs and results”

“I’ve used this tool for 675 minutes… had 216 live answers… left 363 voicemails and PhoneBurner automatically sent 674 corresponding emails!

The efficiency and effectiveness of this tool is producing a big increase in my marketing site activity, call-backs and results! I will be using this tool as much as possible.


We’ll, the ‘Whoopee’ might be too much but the rest is the truth.”

Ralph Y.

“This has made it a pleasure to call leads”

“I have been calling leads and have no problem getting on the phone, but this tool now has made it more fun for me to call leads. Most people look at the phone as a 50 pound weight, now just like me they can have fun calling leads. I love that you don’t have to keep dialing numbers, you don’t have to leave a voice mail, and you don’t have to go to your computer and send an email, this tool does that all for you it’s amazing. So I can burn through a large amount of leads in a third of the time and leave a voice mail and a email, and get people to call or email me back. This has made it a pleasure to call leads. The system is very easy to use, and there customers service gets right back to you.

I would recommend this tool to everyone who wants to have fun in calling leads.”

Richard P.

“Now with PhoneBurner, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME!”

“Before this tool I was averaging about 18 dials an hour. Then, of course, there were times while leaving a message… I’d stumble over my words and sound anything but “professional.” I can’t count the times I wished I could erase it and start over.

Now with this tool, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME! AND I fly through my leads! I’m averaging around 84 dials per hour!!!

Since I only work my business Part Time, every minute is valuable, and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%! Incredible! Thanks!”

Denise R.

“This tool has been a game-changer for me and my business!”

“As an Independent Sales Consultant, I can personally reach hundreds of people a day in a fraction of the time while delivering compelling messages to voicemails with a click of a button. This tool allows me to focus on what matters…meaningful conversations with current and potential customers. This tool has been a game-changer for me and my business!”

Matt K.


“I think this tool is by far the best I’ve used.”

“I’ve just started using this tool this month. I’ve tried ViciDial, Five9, Safesoft, and several other dialing platforms, and I think this tool is by far the best I’ve used.”

Anthony B.


“300 calls a day per rep is a breeze.”

“Our inside sales team has been using this tool for years, and the results have been fantastic. It’s given my part-time reps the ability to cover a full-time volume. 300 calls a day per rep is a breeze.”

Kevin B.

Sales Manager

“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!!”

“The best dang sales tool EVER!!!! If you’re in sales and make phone calls then it’s the missing link!”

Nick M.

Business Development

“This tool allows me to make as many calls in ONE HOUR as I used to make in FIVE hours…”

“I have been a phone salesperson/telemarketer for more years than I should admit to (over 30). Having used many different dialing systems, I can unequivocally and objectively endorse this tool. It allows me to make as many calls in ONE HOUR as I used to make in FIVE hours with other systems. Its simplicity, features, reliable and clear connections, and versatility have placed it as the #1 sales tool in my arsenal. Do not hesitate to try this tool. It delivers!.”

Laurie D.


“The integration with our software is extremely easy to use…”

“This tool has been an invaluable tool for our clients. The integration with our software is extremely easy to use, both from our development and the clients’ sides, and our clients continuously rave about the increases that they have seen in contacting after implementing the tool. Clients both large and small have benefited from this addition, some reporting as much as a 3x increase in contact rate.”

Sarah G.

Client Services

“Increased 60% within two weeks.”

“This tool increased our outbound prospecting potential by 60% within two weeks.”

Gene F.

VP of Sales

“An exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal”

“This tool has been an exceptional addition to my recruiting arsenal. If you’re a recruiter who dials day in and day out, you should try it. I dial 75+ new people per day and it’s saved me anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the dial session. The extra time has allowed me to focus on my pipeline of business. It’s a ‘must have’.”

Paul G.

Mortgage Recruiter

“Couldn’t do what we do without it”

“My two companies, Franchise Jones Consulting and Professional Recruitment Systems do lead development for franchisors and personnel recruiting in the financial services and mortgage field. We are continually expanding our use of this tool as an efficient way for our recruiters to reach more candidates more quickly and effectively than traditional ‘dialing for dollars’ and emailing the old-fashioned way. Couldn’t do what we do without it.”

Stefan S.


“50 prospects in around 30 minutes”

“I’ve been using this tool for years and so has my team. It allows me to call and email 50 prospects in around 30 minutes. I have also used this tool to make weekly calls to my large team. Calling and emailing my team definitely does a great job of keeping them engaged and plugged into our system. Thank you!”

Robert B.


“As many people in an hour as I used to in a day and a half”

“This tool has increased my efficiency by easily 80%. I used to be able to make 15-20 calls an hour because of all the time spent dialing, leaving messages, sending follow-up emails and taking notes.”

Kent M.


“27 people in 29 minutes”

“Leveraging our time is very important. With this tool, I was able to call 27 people in 29 minutes!

I LOVE this system!

Now I can get through a 100 calls in an hour or so… and get on to other things. The phone does NOT feel like it weighs 500 lbs. anymore!”

Rita R. & Matthew B.


Now it’s YOUR TURN!

This phenomenal tool will change the way you do business for the better starting the very first time you use it! 

Click the button above to get started or call the number above with any questions. I am here to help empower you for amazing success.

Once you start using this tool you will NEVER want to go back to the old, tired, boring, time consuming method again!



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How do I know if I need this tool for my business?

If you use email, telephone, engage, contact, followup, or connect with prospects, clients, or a team you need this tool to easily help you maximize your time by increasing your productivity by 447%.

Is there a big learning curve?

With my help no. I make it fun while I help you discover how to use it.

This software is very powerful and it does have lots of phenomenal features. However, I offer an optional 3 hour live desktop training session where I show you how to use it. Once we do the training your confidence will be extremely high because you will realize very quickly what you have and how with it you can easily scale your business incredibly fast.

1. I tweak all of the settings for you so you don’t have to figure out how to do it.

2. I  walk you through how everything works giving you easy to follow and understand audible and visual examples.

3. I show you how to use the tool to scale your specific niche business model even if you do multiple things.

4. I make sure you fully understand how to use the tool and welcome all questions as we do the live interactive session. I will not leave you hanging or confused about anything.

5. I helped develop this tool and I know it very well. I will show you how to maximize your benefits using it with outside the box creative strategies that you will love!

How much is it?

I’m going to show you how to get the full unlimited professional version for free when you call me.

Is this downloaded software?

No. This is cloud based which means you can access it from anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection. This makes it super conveinent from all devices at any time.

Is this a Robodialer?

NO. A Robodialer or sometimes called an automated voicebroadcast dialer is fully automated. You upload a list, schedule it to dial everyone and walk away while it does it.

This is a semi automated dialer plus lots of other super cool things all wrapped up into one piece of software.

Are there any legal compliance issues?

No. This tool was designed to help keep you in compliance with all applicable laws. In short it automates everything it can to save you the most time while still protecting you from the things that legally can’t be automated.


The bottom line is whether you’re searching for phone dialer, call dialer, auto dialer, autodialer, predictive dialer, power dialer or call center etc. This power dialer marketing tool is the best when it comes to phone prospecting, follow up, team building. It will help you with all aspects of sales and marketing. With it you can easily increase your daily productivity, close more sales, grow your business, build your team like never before. If you use the telephone or email to connect with prospects, clients, customers, your sales team, this marketing tool is an absolute must have. It should be in every smart marketer’s arsenal.

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