Dispositions Onboarding

These are the completed elements of your Dispositions set up and how they work.

SMTP Server

1. Log in to your PB account.

2. Go to Quicklink Icon> Emails> Custom Email Sending Server

3. Choose your email provider.

4. Click Google button to authenticate, OR follow screen prompts if using another provider.

5. Make sure all boxes checked.

6. Click the continue button.


Email Signature

Your signature image containing all your pertinent details has been created and added to your PhoneBurner account in a custom signature template.

You can add or  switch signatures by clicking Signature icon in email editor.

One-touch Emails

Your One-Touch Emails have been set up. They are linked properly and include your custom signature image.


Voicemail Library

Your recorded .mp3 files have been added to your PhoneBurner account and connected to applicable disposition buttons to trigger them to be left for you on your prospect / customer voicemail.

Disposition Buttons

Your Disposition buttons have been set up. All applicable email and / or voicemails have been connected to each button in order to trigger the related action.

Trigger Email: Contact View via Send Email Button

To send an email from a contact record you click the Send Email button then choose desired email from the drop down or choose the Template and compose one on the fly.

Trigger Email: Dial Session View via Dropdown + Lock

To send an email during a dial session while in a live conversation, choose email from the drop down and click the padlock to lock it. The email will be sent immediately once the connection has ended with the person.

Trigger Email: Dial Session View via Disposition Buttons

To send an email during a dial session click or tap one of the disposition buttons that contains an associated email.

Trigger VM: Dial Session via Disposition Buttons

To leave a VM click / tap any disposition button that is green (while in a dial session) which indicates an audio file is associated with it to send.

Trigger Audio: LIVE Dial Session via Click To Present Tab Dropdown

To play audio in the phone line while in an active dial session on a live call, click the Click To Present tab then choose from the drop down the desired audio then click the play button. Click the stop button to stop the audio from playing.

Build Your Canned Emails

As you use PB over time you will discover creative ways you can use canned emails for various tasks. Always be thinking about how you can add a custom email to save you time and make you look like a marketing superstar!

Build Your Audio List

Same is true with audio. You should focus hard on building your Click To Present Library. Testimonials about the system, tools, team , training, money, etc. Think about testimonials people can identify with.

Demonstrate PhoneBurner!

The more you demonstrate PB the more sales you will make. The more people will be curious about how you are able to trigger emails so quickly, send VM and email on the fly, etc. Do it often and show prospects you use the tools you highly reccommend. They will buy PB!

Follow-Up and EARN!

Unless they cuss you out or tell you to remove them from your list… FOLLOW UP! PB makes it an absolute breeze to stay on top of your follow-ups and makes you look like a marketing superstar while simultaneously demonstrating the tool which will make people want it!

Increase Productivity!

PB helps you either quickly get through a list of prospects / clients and / OR essentially clone yourself and empower you to maximize each day by squeezing out every available second of productivity. The more people you connect with the more money you make! Consistency is the key.