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PhoneBurner Feature Requests

Custom Notification Sound

The notification alert is important but also annoying depending on what’s happening during the day. I would love to be able to have a custom alert which better suits my needs yet still allows me to know when an alert has come through in a less intrusive way.

Instant Record Open From Call

One of the issues I often run into when I follow up and drop multiple voicemails is impatient people who call back wanting to know instantly (before I have time to look up their record by searching with their number on my caller ID.) who I am and why I’m calling etc. I try to keep them engaged with small talk until I can locate their record and have had a couple seconds to review the notes so I am up to speed etc. If their record automatically popped up on my screen when the phone rings it would be a real game changer. I’m not sure if this can be achieved from within PhoneBurner but it sure would be super cool if it could be!

Canned Pre-Written NOTES

When adding a NOTE to the NOTES section of a contact record it would be very helpful to have a convenient drop down list of canned NOTES that can be instantly added by simply clicking on the one(s) desired. Once clicked the note(s) would be added to the NOTE of the active contact record where the cursor is placed. This would speed up the call flow between calls. Currently I have to manually type NOTES or use shorthand or abbreviations etc. I would love to see this drop down option added beside the Insert Timestamp link. There are many repetitive situations which having a canned list of pre-written detailed notes to quickly populate into the NOTES would be most helpful. The ability to quickly select from a drop down list and populate custom NOTES on the fly would be a real game changer in terms of time flow and productivity. One way to make this one happen perhaps is to include a drop down list of canned notes that are copied to the clipboard when clicked. Then all we would need to do is click in the notes box and paste the note! It would be better if the note obviously went straight to the notes box when clicked but this might be way to at least save time when needed to add the same frequently used notes.

Faster Color Change – Appointment Entries

It would be a great time saver if instead of having to click 5 times to change the color of the appointment to simply have the option to right click on the appointment and change it there. I use the color coding to help me stay organized and this would be a big help. For example. I use green as the default color when adding someone to my calendar. Once I have spoken with them and sent them to my offer then I change the follow up to blue. When they purchase training I change it to orange. When I have a hard appointment set I change it to red. This of course allows me to see at a glance what is happening with my calendar. It can be tricky editing the appointment to reschedule the follow up, change the color etc. between contacts while in a dialing session. This part takes the most time especially when I’m dropping lots of voicemails and in a flow. The ability to change the appointment color coding on the fly would be a real game changer in terms of time flow and productivity.

Move Appointments On The Fly Partially MPLEMENTED!

It would be AWESOME to be able to click and instantly move the appointment to 3, 7, 15, 30 days etc. Based upon my preferences with one click would save so much time! An easier way to do it from a programming perspective would be to add an option on the small window that pops up when an appointment is clicked. Having an option to click blue, green, orange, red and also on this same window to quickly move the appointment to 3, 7, 15, or 30 days all right there easily and conveniently. This would save the time of racing against the clock while in a dial session and having to click pause while I click and scroll ahead a week, 2 weeks, 30 days etc. to schedule the appointment. The ability to move appointments on the fly would be a real game changer in terms of time flow and productivity.

Note: I realize there are other appointment setting and search options etc. However, not everyone uses PhoneBurner the same way. For me and my teams we need to be able to rely on a quick calendar visual of upcoming appointments versus a search result. This is more natural and a much better fit for what we do. 

Spoken NOTES

The ability to use my voice to record NOTES to add to a contact record would be awesome. This would especially come in handy between calls during a dial session. There are often times when shorthand doesn’t work well given the complexity of the notes that need to be added to the record. Having to stop and manually write a lengthy note slows me down between contacts and forces the overall dial session to take longer. The ability to use my voice to record NOTES on the fly would be a real game changer in terms of time flow and productivity.

Organize Quick Links

Quick Links are super handy. However, there is currently no way for me to quickly drag and drop to reorder them into any preferred order. The ability to rearrange Quick Links on the fly would be very helpful in terms of time flow and productivity.

Organize Click To Present

I obviously love this feature since I suggested it! However, there is currently no way for me to quickly drag and drop to reorder the mp3 files into any preferred order. The ability to rearrange the mp3 files order of appearance in the drop down menu on the fly would be very helpful in terms of time flow and productivity.

Color Code Disposition Buttons

Disposition buttons are awesome! However, I have many of them and it can be tricky quickly locating the right button while racing with the clock between contacts during a dial session. The voicemail related buttons are a nice green color which is very helpful in quickly locating them. I also have arranged all of the buttons alphabetically by topic to help make things easier. It would be great to have the ability to color code each button so that I could simply assign a color to each of the sections of buttons I use to trigger different things. Giving the option when creating the disposition button of also assigning a custom color to it would be really helpful in terms of time flow and productivity.

SmartPack Custom Video In Contact Box

In the top right corner of each SmartPack page there is a box for displaying name, title, phone, social media buttons, and a call to action button. It would be awesome to have the ability to also display a small video (YouTube / Vimeo) that fits in the box at the top. This of course would give unlimited creative ability to include additional custom content such as a head shot video. It would also be awesome if this video could be different on each SmartPack page. There are times when one canned intro video isn’t a good fit for every situation or offer etc.

ConnectMe Auto Connection

ConnectMe currently requires me to manually enter in my access code via my telephone keypad. I would love to simply be able to click ConnectMe and have it instantly connect me to my dial session without having to enter my access code or click the start button to begin the dial session. Often the ConnectMe feature is temperamental and doesn’t work properly. This causes me at times to have to attempt multiple times to get it to work. Having a one click button option that always works on the fly would be very helpful in terms of time flow and productivity.

Sticky NOTE

The ability to make a NOTE Sticky so that it always stays at the top of the NOTES box would be very handy. There are often times when I need to enter a reminder whether it be a quote I have given someone, money due or something I need to schedule with the contact etc. just to name a few. Sometimes there are entries in the NOTES box from additional follow up that pushes the entry down the NOTES box forcing me to re enter it again at the top so I can quickly see it at a glance.

NOTES Typography

The ability to quickly add emphasis to the text in the NOTES box would be very useful in terms of quickly organizing entries and drawing attention to things at a glance. Especially when there are lots of note entries. I have clients that go back several years. It makes for a lot of notes that take a while to review when they blend together. Bold and font size (of chosen text) would be the two at the top of my list.

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